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You know how they say: “Be strong; the beginnings to great things are always the hardest”? And though you might not consider writing a research paper and choosing a good research paper topic a really great thing, you see our point. If you are having troubles getting started with the composition in question, we have good news for you.


You know how they say: “Be strong; the beginnings to great things are always the hardest”? And though you might not consider writing a research paper and choosing a good research paper topic a really great thing, you see our point. If you are having troubles getting started with the composition in question, we have good news for you.

We have come up with a lengthy list of good research paper topics that will come in handy if you are running out of research paper ideas. Sounds like something you can use? Then don’t hesitate to make the most out of it!

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But before we dive into various topics we have to offer, consider checking out our recommendations on how to find argumentative research paper topics all by yourself.

What is a Good Topic for a Research Paper?

good research paper topic

There are several facets of a good research paper topic. To put it short, your theme should be:

When you pose a topic for your research, be sure that it is clear. A reader should be able to understand its purpose right away. If he doesn’t, you did not do a very good job formulating the subject line.


No kidding: you should do your best to be innovative even if you are writing a paper on something as old as time. It might not be simple, but we’re sure you can find a new perspective if you dedicate enough time to the search.


The paper must contain precise figures or facts. They are at the core of your research. Don’t confuse this type of composition with descriptive writing. They have nothing in common. So, focus on precise data: that’s exactly what your readers expect from you.

How to Choose Interesting Research Paper Topics

how to choose research paper topic

之前我们建议采取的一个主题,我们recommend you to try to come up with a good topic yourself. It might be easier than you think. Here are several ways to spot an interesting idea:

Think of Something You Find Interesting.


Choose a Topic With Sufficient Data for the Research.

The main point of writing this paper lies in finding information at various credible sources and refining it. Therefore, if you pick a subject that is somewhat new or wasn’t studied well in the past, you’ll have no information to work with. That is why the availability of credible information is vital to the success of the writing process.

Narrow the Subject Down.

The subject you find great interest in might be too broad. Not to sound too shallow, it’s better for you to pick just one perspective of the problem and study it carefully. This way you will be able to dive deep enough into the research instead of just hitting the high spots.

These are our recommendations on how to choose a theme on your own. Now let’s look into other tips we’d like to offer to you before you get down to writing.

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How to write an outline for a research paper

虽然您可以在我们的指南中找到所有基本信息如何编写完美的研究论文大纲, here we’ll introduce you to the basics.

  1. 找到一个引人入胜的话题。For it, read on to see what subject line we have to offer.
  2. Create a list of credible sources to take a look at.You can either ask you tutor for recommendations, surf the web, or go old school and visit a library for suggestions.
  3. Mark all the elements you will add to your outline.
  4. Briefly explain what each of these components will be about.But don’t bury the blueprint under too many details. Keep it short!
  5. Finally, find good examples to explore.

Now, that you understand how to craft a plan for your paper, have our tips to help you out along the way, your only job is to find good topic ideas to write about. And we can help you with that too!

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Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Are people with the IQ level above the average really unhappy?
  2. 饮食失调:它们一定与自我形象问题有关吗?
  3. The impact of stress on the mental health of a person.
  4. 儿童暴力的性质和原因。
  5. 失眠是一个有效的excuse for breaking the rules or committing crimes.
  6. Race relations in the USA in the 20th century and today.
  7. The nature and causes of sexual orientation: Different perspectives on the issue.


  1. 玻璃天花板:神话还是现实?
  2. 大众企业没有钱。
  3. The history of the social media boom around the globe.
  4. Top tech startups of the 21st century.
  5. Video games and their impact on the development of young people.
  6. Animal testing across the globe.
  7. 全球变暖是真实的吗?
  8. Has the Internet become a safer place with the cybersecurity principles implementation?
  9. The impact of the screen time on a child’s mental development.
  10. The US election system: The history and principles behind it.


  1. The life and traditions of the first Gladiators.
  2. 广岛和长崎:悲剧的碎片。
  3. 新加坡的历史:从最糟糕到第一。
  4. North Korea: Dictatorship ideology and its complications.
  5. 建立国际联盟。
  6. Racial discrimination origins.
  7. 古腾堡圣经的历史。
  8. The most powerful opponent of Germany in the WWI.
  9. Egyptian pyramids: The history and meaning.
  10. The history of Christianity.


  1. The history of modern Israel.
  2. 堕胎:“我的身体 - 我的规则”还是对未出生者权利的歧视?
  3. How Facebook shaped the way people communicate today.
  4. 选美大赛:伪装的美丽还是歧视?
  5. Death penalty around the globe.
  6. Implications of gun control in the USA.
  7. Creationism against Evolution.
  8. Physical punishment as a core principle of children’s upbringing.
  9. The origins of the “invasion of privacy” notion across the world.
  10. 社交媒体成瘾对年轻人的影响。
  11. Genetic predisposition to committing a crime.


  1. School uniform: The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  2. The effect of sexual acts displays on TV.
  3. The American Dream of Generation X and the Millennials.
  4. 当今世界上存在的最大邪教。
  5. Learning disabilities: Their nature, causes, and solutions.
  6. The history of Somalia.
  7. The portrayal of a woman in the social media today and 20 years ago.
  8. Freedom of expression.
  9. 世界上最贫穷的国家。
  10. The effect of feminism on Europe.
  11. 古典音乐对一个人的大脑的影响。


  1. 美国文学阶级选择与现代青年的相关性。
  2. 塑造全球整个文化的文学作品的例子。
  3. Feminism in literature.
  4. The issue of the Holocaust in the world’s literature.
  5. The first translations of the Bible.
  6. 众所周知,文学在不同文化中的文盲斗争中最有效。
  7. 文学中最亮的死亡图像。
  8. The history of slavery in Africa in world literature.
  9. Romanticism in Spanish literature.
  10. The moralism of the British literature of the 20th century.


  1. Success stories of college dropouts.
  2. The rarest phobias and fears people have.
  3. The history of e-learning around the globe.
  4. 高等教育可以授予成功的未来职业吗?
  5. 应该禁止成绩进入教育系统吗?
  6. 疫苗接种的使用和危害。
  7. 21世纪的新新兴专业和职业。
  8. 当今最有效的教学方法。
  9. 常春藤联盟的历史。
  10. 大学重组,以实现更美好的教育未来。
  11. Private vs. Public colleges in the USA: Pros and cons.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. Antisemitism origins.
  2. 性教育使年轻人过早地参与性关系。
  3. The last days of newspapers in our media-controlled world.
  4. 转基因生物的危险。
  5. Impact of Instagram on teenagers’ self-esteem.
  6. Pros and cons of studying at a single-sex school.
  7. Overpopulation management.
  8. Deforestation: Are we digging our own grave this way?
  9. People using cell phones while driving should be held criminally liable.
  10. Paying children for good grades: Different perspectives on the issue.

Sports Research Paper Topics

  1. The greatest athlete in the history of the world.
  2. 奥运会的历史。
  3. Why are cybersports considered sports?
  4. The history of marathons and their use today.
  5. Doping in sports.
  6. The use of playing competitive sports.
  7. The most dangerous sports from all over the world.
  8. Should sports be used as a therapy in prisons?
  9. 学生运动员应该为参加运动报酬吗?
  10. The effect of physical activities on the human’s brain.


  1. Prisoners falsely accused and then released should receive financial compensation from the state.
  2. Sexual harassment problem in Europe and the USA.
  3. 公司虐待应该被视为刑事不公正案件吗?
  4. The death penalty in different countries.
  5. Hate crime history in the USA.
  6. 控制监狱守卫者的残酷行为。
  7. Should mental issues affect the court judgment?
  8. Sex slavery: Should people buying and selling sex slaves be sentenced to the death penalty?
  9. Should the criminals be allowed to vote?
  10. 强制性最低量刑的两个方面。


  1. Will artificial intelligence substitute humans at a workplace?
  2. Saving the Earth today with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies.
  3. Self-driving cars development history.
  4. The history of Virtual and Augmented realities.
  5. Positive use of nuclear energy and the future.
  6. 谎言探测器如何工作?这是一项值得信赖的技术吗?
  7. 世界上航空的历史。


  1. Why animal testing should be stopped.
  2. The history of the Placebo treatment.
  3. Euthanasia: What doctors from different countries think about it.
  4. 素食主义的使用:神话还是现实?
  5. Mental breakdown: Causes and prevention.
  6. The notion of mood in medicine.
  7. 应该允许大麻出于娱乐目的吗?
  8. Should vaccination be mandatory?
  9. The history of plague in Europe.
  10. The most dangerous virus of today.


  1. Religion and morality: Are people with strong moral beliefs more moral than atheists?
  2. Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons to school?
  3. 全球卖淫。
  4. 应该强制进行回收吗?
  5. Paparazzi and the invasion of celebrities’ privacy.
  6. 父母应该监视孩子的互联网使用。
  7. Do laws generally patronize women and discriminate against men?
  8. 单亲父母与当今两个父母家庭的收养。
  9. 使用童工的国家:我们应该使用他们的产品吗?
  10. Should breastfeeding in public be banned?

Tips on Writing a Research Paper

  1. Write an outline.大纲将帮助您保持专注。由于这种类型的写作非常漫长,因此很容易在此过程中丢失轨道。这就是为什么制作详细大纲符合您的最大利益的原因。它将用作整个项目的路线图或蓝图。
  2. Start bright.You only have one chance to make a positive first impression. That is why you simply cannot afford writing a dull introduction. There are certain rules on how to start a research paper, and you’d better stick to the rules as described in our guide. A bright opening paragraph will ensure the genuine interest of your audience in what you have to say about the topic and will keep them engaged as you write.
  3. Use immaculate grammar and spelling.Nothing kills a good paper like poor grammar or spelling. It distracts the reader from the main point and makes him stumble while reading. And if you’re worried that grammar and spelling checking will take up too much of your time, don’t worry: you can always use technologies like Grammarly to do the job for you in seconds.
  4. Compose a compelling thesis statement.A thesis statement is the central point of your research paper. You need to insert it in the introduction and make sure that this central idea is exactly one sentence long. Make it loud and clear. However, given the length of this vital part of a research paper, don’t bore readers with too many unnecessary details. This means that you should mention what issue you will look into and why but don’t explain in which ways you will achieve this. Here is a complete guide on什么是论文陈述that will walk you through the process step by step. Enjoy!
  5. Stay within the word count limits.This type of writing has a rather strict word count limit. And you need to stay within it. Tutors don’t have all the time in the world to read long pieces. If you can’t stay within word count limits, they’ll assume you didn’t spend enough time filtering the most vital information out of the research (even if you did). So, not to give them that false impression, don’t make it too short or too long. Make it just right. This is the case when the size matters!
  6. 请求帮忙。经过长时间的制作,你are likely to miss some important points. The thing is that you know exactly what you wanted to say, and mistakes seem to be left unnoticed. Not to let them slip into your text, ask your peers, friends, or family to take a look at your writing. Their fresh perspective might be of much help to you!



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