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How to Write a Research Paper Outline?


Research Paper Outline


If you are having hard times figuring outhow to compose a research paper or its outline, then you are reading just the right article that will explain you all the details step by step. Before you give up and decide tobuy a research paper在我们的研究论文写作服务中,请阅读我们的指南。我们会尽力而为简化写作过程为你。

However, before we dive into the structure and examples of an outline, let’s explorewhat a research paper is.



研究论文是一种组成argues a point based on an in-depth analysisof the relevant literature. In other words, this written piece allows a write to present his own interpretation or evaluation of a specific topic. It’s more than just a literature review.

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一种s one can assume from its name, this type of writing requires time dedicated tolocating credible sourcesthat present several perspectives to a single problem,研究问题from various sides,forming your own position关于一个主题和describing it in a concise and interesting manner。It’s important to mention that students have to back up their position along the way with quotes or paraphrases from reliable sources.

Now that you understand what this type of writing really is all about, you might think that it’s a pretty daunting task. The truth is, though, that with proper outline the assignment getssignificantly easier to tackle.

What is an Outline for a Research Paper?

一种n outline for a research paper is ablueprint for a whole subject。It helps a student map his way through the writing process without losing his point or skipping important things as he writes.


You obviously don’t want that to happen. That is whyHandMade Writingoffers you thisdetailed guide on how to craft an outline for a winning compositionin no time.

How to Write a Research Paper Outline

How to write a research paper outline

When it comes to research paper outline composition, there are some基本规则。They keep students organized and help them go through the task without any major disappointments.


  1. Choosing an interesting and engaging topic.
  2. Finding good cite sources to explore.
  3. Choosing the proper format for your paper.
  4. 创建一个要添加到大纲中的元素列表。
  5. Specifying what you will talk about in each of these sections.
  6. Finding excellent templates and examples.


How to Choose an Interesting Topic for Your Paper?

Selecting a good topic is essential. Not only an engaging topic will make your audience sit up and really listen to you, but it will help yousucceed in the writing processtoo. Here are several criteria that help you determine what topics you should choose:

  • 热情。Since most research papers comprise of 1000 words and more, you will spend a significant amount of time working on it. So, it is in your best interest to choose a theme you are genuinely interested in.
  • 一种vailability of sources.Moreover, you need to find a topic that has enough literature you can refer to support argument or position you’re describing in a piece. Look for sources before you decide what topic to choose for your piece.
  • Several perspectives on the subject.If the theme you’re working on is one-dimensional or slanted, chances are there won’t be much for you to talk about. So, opt for unorthodox and creatively different content if you want your piece to stand out and be engaging.

Once you decide on the topic, it’s time to启动您的研究。




However, there areseveral pitfalls你负担不起失踪。

First of all, the Internet is not always the source of reliable information. Not all of the articles you find there will be checked for thecredibility of their sources, correct names,and参考等等。因此,除非您对使用的每个互联网来源进行仔细检查,否则您可能会遇到麻烦。

Second of all, not all tutors consider this to be your best first choice. They’d rather have you come andask them for suggestions.一种nd we strongly recommend you to do so.

最后,想一想:您宁愿相信谁 - 一个基于互联网文章的研究论文的学生,还是在此过程中使用科学书籍,期刊等的学生?我们确定您会说第二。您的导师也会如此。所以,用书武装自己and make ita starting point of your exploration


每所大学或至少每个导师都要求您在构造作品时使用特定格式。因此,一种PA research paper formatwill have a different set of components thanMLA.

Read the instructions to your paper carefully and pay attention to what format you choose. Later in our guide, we will introduce you to the differences between the formats. And if you need a reminder of what each one of them stands for, explore ourcomplete essay format guide

Search for Research Paper Outline Samples and Templates

Of course, having an example to follow is always a huge help! Therefore, check out various sources for samples and templates of a research paper outline.


  1. 大学website.您的大学导师可能会在网站上发布一些很棒的模板,因此您可以在工作时使用它们。
  2. Our blog.You can find all kinds of useful papers and resources in the blog section. We had our writers create a whole list of useful papers for your benefit.
  3. Internet.Finally, you can also use search engines. Dozens of websites have published quality research paper outline examples. So, take your time to find them and use for your benefit.

Now, that you understand the basic steps you should take when crafting an outline for a research paper, let’s look into its specifics.

By the way, a research paper is not the only piece we can help you with. If you’re also wondering如何撰写奖学金论文,那么不要犹豫读我们的导游完全explaining the notion.


研究论文outline elements

How to Choose Research Paper Components

下一步是identify what components your paper should consist ofand what exactly you have to talk about in each of them.

The list of componentshere depends on the format of your essay. Thus, MLA research paper outline is different from the one written in APA or Chicago formatting style. We’ll specify what elements each of these formats require in just a few seconds. For now, you just need to remember that you don’t have to writetoo many details in your outline.

Basically, there are10 main elements of a research paper outline

  • Cover page.
  • 一种bstract.
  • Table of contents.
  • Introduction.
  • Methods.
  • 结果。
  • 讨论。
  • Conclusion.
  • Bibliography.
  • 附录。

There might be slight differences here. However, these are the components included in most papers. If you’re wondering这些部分中的每个部分应该是什么样子, here’s what our experts have to say.



  • a short yet informativetitle of the paper(preferably not longer than 60 characters),
  • 您的full nameas well as the你的导师的名字,and
  • submission date

While there isn’t much to worry about here, we’d like to warn you it’s in your best interest to create a catchy and fun title for your paper. There is nothing like a boring titleto kill readers’ attention from the start。所以,shop around and see what alternatives you can find in your textbooks, online, or contact your tutor for help!


一种n abstract isa summary of your paper简要说明论文的主要重点以及您用于获得特定结果的方法。它不应超过⅓页面(大约200个单词)。Even though it comes right after the cover page, an abstract is typically written in the end.


一种n introduction to your research paper should answer the question of why this piece is of any importance to the reader. Your goal is tocatch the attention of whoever is reading the piece有一个强烈的争论,使他想继续进一步阅读。

一种s with any other written piece, an introduction contains:

  1. 一种hook, or an engaging start that grabs readers’ attention;
  2. Background information在您进行的研究中;
  3. 一种论文的声明这解释了您将要探索的内容以及为什么它很重要。


根据您制作这项研究的主题,方法可能会有所不同。因此,你要explain how exactly you conducted your research

因此,you need to mention approaches, equipment, and technologies you used along the way. This will使您的研究更加透明和有趣to your readers.

Besides, if you were not the only one who wrote the research paper, you might need to mention which methods each of the scientists used when developing the paper.


相关文章:How to write a Compare&Contrast Essay|Compare&Contrast Essay topics


In this chapter, you need to focus on the findings of the paper you finished by using the supporting argument. Try to include as manyspecific facts, statistics, andnumbersinto this part as possible.



Unfortunately, too many students confuse these last two chapters. The line between them is quite thin. But to put it short, the结果集中在事实和数字上讨论使您可以讨论您是否取得了预期的结果, why the experiment might have failed, etc.

You can also talk about the mistakes and errors made in the process of your research. Don’t worry about your mistakes. After all,没有错误的论文。On the contrary, the fact that you admit and understand your errors can give you a higher chance of obtaining a higher grade.

一种discussion is also an important part of an argumentative essay. And if you need assistance with crafting it too, read our article that explainshow to write an argumentative essayin a concise and simple manner.


最后,是时候重申thesis of your research, its goals, and methodsyou used to achieve them, results, mistakes, and future plans.

The conclusion is not much longer than an abstract. It does include figures and facts but doesn’t bore readers to death with unnecessary details.

Bibliography and Appendix

You should mention all the sources you used in the text in the bibliography. Do not let a single quote get lost without a corresponding reference in the Bibliography section.

Should you have any事实,表格,图表,andimages,将它们全部添加到附录中。但是,请记住,根据您要使用的格式,可能根本没有附录部分。此外,如果您的论文中没有图像,事实或数字,请不要添加附录部分。

These are all the components of a decent research paper outline. However, we realize that this might not be enough for you.

That is why check out our list of research paper outline examples and research paper outline templates.

Research Paper Outline Template

Various universities expect different things from your research paper. That is why we have decided to gathera list of useful templates and samplesfrom different universities to help you out.


一种n outline template in Turabian style by the Montana Bible College



This is what a good sample outline for the research paper should look like. It doesn’t have to contain too many details, only the ideas you want to talk about in the paper.

我们意识到制作大学研究论文大纲不是一小菜。但是,这是可能的。您要做的就是use our writing tips关于如何创建它或contact a good essay writing service这可以帮助您完成此任务。它是由你决定!

What we do know for sure is that our writing guide can be of much help to you. So, equip yourself with this knowledge and get a winning outline in the end!

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